A platform for working together was found

by Open_Cages

The platform is called: Facebook Chat (should write a patent on that) 🙂

The selcetion was made in the spirit of “in you can’t fight them – join them”.

We’re mostly on Facebook, aren’t we? So let Facebook Chat be our dedicated place for working together (like some of us successfully did, and did successfully, but didn’t think of continuing doing officially). The current chat rooms: English-Hebrew (and vice versa) Translators chatroom, Developers chatroom (as developer communities grow, it turns to many small specific developers chatrooms like Android developers chatroom and even chatrooms for working on a single app. Web developers often use chatrooms to simple work together, which we all might need), Web Designers chatroom, Animal Rights Cooperative Infoshops chatroom, Bloggers chatroom (well, there’s where I can help you with the website building stuff), Social Media Promotion chatroom, and Grunting Chatroom – that’s for grumpy cats people like me who like to grunt at work, socially. And of course, if you have an idea for one that’s not mentioned, like translators chat room to your language speakers or other ideas that may pop into your mind, you can tell me and I’ll open.

Please join and suggest chatrooms. You can ask to join and suggest chatrooms in the comments, in private message to me or to the ALDNF Facebook page.