Make sure you join as a contributor to ensure that the organization or movement get its deserved proper representation

by Open_Cages

We’re slowly but surely moving towards our own Direct Action Museum “Wikization” styling and mass permission giving, which will be mostly up to individual contributors like yourselves to contribute. These days people (sadly) don’t read books, including books about direct action history – they read Wikis, so please make sure you join as a contributor to ensure that the organization or movement you’re member of or want to tell its story get its deserved proper representation (because for now…it’s just Gary 😉 I can’t get to cover everything ny myself).

It will all be under Creative Commons license (like that matters these day when no one can track “violations” anyway), which means you can share, edit, add, translate and distribute as you’d like for commercial or non-commercial purposes (that’s on my behalf. But for each section you should also check with its creator), I don’t care, I just want the Wiki sections up and accessible. I think people have the right to know and that there’s no democracy or “choice” to make if you don’t know what you need to make it wisely. I highly recommend that you support the Creative Commons too by displaying their license on your own website if you have one (an elegant way to display it to this site is under check).

Also, appearance changed (as you can see) to provide you with distractionsless reading, and site maintenance people are still needed, as well as social media crossposters and translators to any language as any good Wiki needs. Hoping to bring you soon our own direct action related Wiktionary (similar to the “regular” Wiktionary). Another Wiki section that caught my attention was the WikiNews where one can post a story (should be approved), with or without identification, and/or request to be interviewed, (or become an interviewer) which is even cooler. Monetizing options are checked, I’m looking for ethical advertisers who would like to advertise on this Wikipedia site in the making by placing banners (population: scattered but mostly Israelis, especially on the Hebrew version of this site). For anything you wanna say, leave your comment or fill this form: