My utmost thanks to I Hack Charities (computer people that would like to help, you to find me there)

by Open_Cages

I’m delighted and excited to get help from Jonny Long‘s website – “I Hack Charities” (no, they don’t hack charities, at least not without their permission. To your relief or dissapointment, they don’t do anything illegal, and all services, mainly permissed hacking to help to find security holes, requires the other side’s approval).

We need much computer related help (and help to start in general), and the developers, ethical certified hackers (mostly penetration-testers, the certified guys you ask improve your security, have to be done by testing to find holes) and open source communities are some of the best – a real inspiration to a girl who’s trying to build animal rights (translators, developers, cooperative members, community based museum and in large – communities based on people working on the same project bigger than them, rather than having every one working on their own. Cooperatives, info-centers, full featurs – all more difficult yet pay more when end, and hard to impossible ahieving by yourself. Do you get the picture? Do you get my mind? Can you imagine what another documentary, perhaps will have to be crowd-funded, perhaps crowd made like the Blair Witch Project, like Earthlings, which I strive to support, can do to society?) communities herself like me.

Animals are indeed the poorest citizens, having no skills to free themselves. I could not think of sentient beings that fall more to the definition of “poorest citizens” then them. You’re more than invited to represent the animals where the talented people who want to volunteer or the nonprofits in need (us being the first, hoping more to follow) are.