Become an expert (and get a certificate on the way)!

Many sites like Coursera , Edx offer free proffesional courses for humane reasons. Some of them, knowing your time is precious and that they have to compete with the offers and seductions of the profit sector, offer you a proffesional certificate you could be proud of, for passing the final exam (free), including MIT courses certificates. Some of them display your grade, and offer options for employment on their boards, where your certificates and grades (if you want) are displayed. The average course time is about 5 weeks, the courses are open and fully online (an option to take a course together if you have a place to host them, and some websites return you the costs, is also displayed) and you can take as many courses as you want. You can get a reminder for the next classes, export them to your calendar, watch classes that you missed and sometimes get help from the teacher or other classmates. And of course, you can recommend your friends even if you can’t find a place for you all to watch together and study together.

We highly recommend Animal Rights Activists to educate themselves (you get a certificate anyway) in the offered important topics, mainly high-tech, and hope and offer you to help to translate and host courses to your language and at your place.

The animals need the best brains and abilities to win the fight (be sure that the animal abusers did educate themselves), and we can’t afford ourselves to be emateur anymore and do a lumpy work. We hold that being a volunteer is no excuse for doing a lumpy work – especially with all the free training proffesional courses that you actually get certificate for (so it actually doesn’t cost, it pays) today.