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Join our Eventbrite community by posting both your event’s name and link in a comment below.

People who posted their comments can then find each other and help to promote each other’s events for a share in the income from paid tickets, for forming work relationships, or “only” to support a good cause. Make sure to create a referral link, otherwise Eventbrite won’t “know” to offer your social media advertiser friend part of the shares, which might decrease the amount of recruiters (not to mention that it’ll be unfair to make the profit from other people’s work. If profit is the goal, we might not have a lot to offer you. We can “only” offer change, and only as much as our community member will make by their active involvement).

Only approved comments will be approved and published, so that’s not the place to promote your own brand. See our criteria for getting support here:



Oh, and we’d be glad to reciprocate too (or to “only” publish your event):


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