WordPress blog construction for free

The Non-Humans Education First Fund (NHEFF) was formed to promote, encourage and give answers to educators for non human animals (NHA) needs. Whether you dream of being an indie (independent – on Hollywood, on mainstream film festivals, theatres andeventoo-conservative cinematech) film-maker in  the service of the animals, an indie journalist releasing radical animal actions news, a citizen who wants to start an infoshop for non-humans rights at your place, wherever you are in the world (actually, the farer you are from liberal civilization, the more important the non-humans rights reachout is, at least for us), we’ll get the best support (many times free support) you need (whether it’s financical, technical, promotional, or advising) to get started.

While we’re still checking more project supporting options, we offer you a some free services for a start to help you out:

  • Free wordpress blog and website building (including permanent sidebar features like PayPal donation button, Bitcoin donation button, your GoodReads books list if you sell them, social sharing buttons, beautiful design, Facebook and Twitter feeds bar and so on).
  • Free promotion on our website (only if you want to).

Tell us what you want to do and we’ll try to help 🙂

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