Hives Project: Cooperative Animal Rights Infoshops Worldwide

NHEFF template

Needed: people who would like to become members in an animal right local cooperative infoshops. Cooperative members are the owners of their place, and as such each one places an equal initial sum (usually, about 250-1000$, depending on each place’s costs and the number of members), gets to an equal voice on decision-making, gets an equal share of the profits (yep. It can be a paid job without a job interview, recommendations, personal letter, experience and certificate. But one does have to place the initial sum, and does need to take care of the place).

I only support animal rights infoshops for animal rights and liberation education. No Human Rights bullshit, no cupcakes bullshit, no recipes bullshit, no one-fight b***shit, no new age, no chinese medicine, no natural nutrition, no 80/10/10, no raw foodism, the same way you’d expect a group for African-American liberation to deal with no white rights issues “for the negroes”, no “negro liberation for the environment”, no cotton-replacements weaving workshop. Malcolm X – great, negroes liberation news magazine – great, inspiring movies and books screening and library – great. It’s animal rights and liberation education. Any other thing you have in mind, an infoshop for both meditation and animal rights education for instance, not with my assistance or this site assistance. Thanks.

Chatroom: ALDNF Childfree Vegans Dating Board app (simply send a message to me or to the page to join. Chances are high that I’ll work on that too, so you won’t be alone :) )