Send us your story!

If you’re working on a big animal rights or liberation project, a film, an infoshop, a book, or even a short movie, animal liberation magazine etc, send us your story and we’ll publish it here.
Aim to convince
You can use this stage to tell people why you think this project is important and has a potential to make a change. You should always (and not only when writing to us) have these questions in mind:

  • who are all my types of audience and what do they need (potntial fundraisers who can raise funds and want to help the animals? Potential volunteers who can give their time and want to help the animals? Potential members who can donate on a payid order regular base? Potential sponsors who want to advertise? Try to suit a solution to each)
  • why from all the projects they would want to support yours?
  • why from all the people would they like to help you? (tell about yourself)


You can send as much stories as you like, as long as you have something new to say. That’s what updates are for. Tell us how it’s  going (update people who help you and show them their results), and where you’re stuck (what you need) – it’s your chance to recruit activists and resources, so make sure you have a great content and make sure you conveyed it.
And again, this is the place to empower global educators and creators. People who speak/write/produce/direct/design websites and apps/publish animal liberation news with the goal of reaching eventually an international distribution, or help to train other activists in doing so.

Email for sending stories: