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We Need – updates

We need volunteers on these projects:

An Ethical Job Board

we need:

  • Web developers to implement an ethical job board on our website
  • App developers to implement an ethical job board on android

A Childfree Dating Board

we need:

  • Web developers to implement a child-free dating board on our website
  • App developers to implement a child-free dating board on android

Contributors to create these missing pages in English

Whatever direct action we didn’t mention, you’re invited to add yourselves (alfabeitically ordered). To contribute, email me, or fill in your mail so that I can give you permission:

Contributors to create these missing pages in Hebrew:

כל פעולה ישירה שלא הזכרנו אתם מוזמנים להוסיף בעצמכם

  • החקירה הסמויה בסילברספרינגס
  • הפשיטה לחוות לניסויים רגאל
  • הקמת Sea Shepherd
  • מבצע Bite Back
  • הקמת SHAC
  • הקמת 269life
  • שחרור העגל 269
  • “מאחורי המסכה”
  • Bold Native
  • “אני בעל חיים – סיפורם של אינגריד ניוקירק ופיט”א”
  • Free The Animals מאת אינגריד ניוקירק

Translators from English to Hebrew

For basically every page here.

Translators from Hebrew to English:

לכל דף כאן.

Transifex translators community website help

Donations are also accepted:

WordPress want us to pay these sums for these:

  • Domain name – 15 Euro
  • Customised design – 24 Euro
  • Video Press (the ability to embed videos into our site) – 49 Euro

So that you might wanna check out one of these:


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The MV Bob Barker patrols the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in a rainbow sunrise. Share if you like it. #OperationRelentless #SeaShepherd by seashepherd

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Bonus Photo! A golden Antarctic sunset smothers the decks of the MV Sam Simon Photo: Giacomo Giorgio Share if you like! #OperationRelentless #SeaShepherd #Antarctica #sunset #MVSamSimon by seashepherd

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*IS THIS THE FIRST DOLPHIN OR SEAL CAUGHT OFF WA’S DRUM LINES?* WHY THE TARP? WHY THE SECRECY? Where is the transparency West Australian Fisheries? Is this Perth or Taiji, Japan? Photo taken by Natalie Banks with observation team and Blair Ranford off Leighton Beach this morning around 7am AWST As soon as the observation team arrived, fisheries saw them and hit the hammer, heading 8km out to sea. The observation team could not keep up. Great work Natalie, Blair, Neil and Andy!! #NoSharkCull #NoWASharkCull by seashepherd

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The Steve Irwin in the most strategic position to uphold the integrity of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary – blocking the factory ship from processing poached whales. If you like this, then click “like”. Photo: Marianna Baldo #operationrelentless #seashepherd by seashepherd

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! Xx 🐬🐳🐳🐋🐋 #ValentinesDay ;-) Be kind to all. From all of us at Sea Shepherd. by seashepherd

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Photo of the Day! #OperationRelentless Deckhands, Bia and Stephanie, at work in the snow. Photo: Andrew J Correll by seashepherd

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New Zealand Rebukes Japan in Whaling Row by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


New Zealand has sharply criticized Japan for allowing a whaling boat to enter New Zealand’s economic waters.

Published: February 9, 2014 at 8:39PM

from NYT World

Australian State’s Shark Cull Policy Draws Protest by MICHELLE INNIS


Citing swimmer deaths, Western Australia State has started a catch and kill policy for larger sharks, but environmentalists say it will have a deleterious effect on the ecosystem.

Published: February 4, 2014 at 12:00AM

from NYT World

Japanese Whalers, Protesters Clash Off Antarctica by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


A Japanese whaling ship and an anti-whaling protest boat collided in the remote, icy seas off Antarctica, with both sides on Monday blaming each other for the crash.

Published: February 2, 2014 at 8:47PM

from NYT World

*BREAKING NEWS*: Sea Shepherd attacked by Japanese whale poachers, Bob Barker is struck by Yushin Maru 3. For 9 hours, harpoon ships crossed the bows of The Steve Irwin and The Bob barker, coming as close as 3 metres, and trailing steel cables to foul the conservation ships’ propellers. The Japanese whaling fleet has had a disastrous January, which they usually on as their most profitable month. Their reckless actions are indicative of their desperation in the face of Sea Shepherd’s success this year on Operation Relentless. #OperationRelentless #SeaShepherd by seashepherd

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